Flexible work hours

As an advisory, the key to success is to meet right people and educate them about insuring. You can work for as many hours you want and from where you want. Your success will depend on how efficiently you use your time. Better you get at it, more is your chances to build wealth.

Excellent rewards

Apart from earning  attractive renewal commission, you will also get other benefits like health cover, various loan facilities and programs. Contact us now to get started.

Earn extra income

Already in a permanent job or a business? No problem. Becoming a JustLIC advisor provides you a flexibility of keeping your current occupation, and do advisory as a side job too. You have a great option to earn an extra income. Plan to generate a certain amount to fulfill your priorities like education of children, buying a house or planning a vacation. That additional income comes always handy.

Make a full time career

Looking for something full time and aspiring to build a career? Becoming a financial advisor is just for you. Your potential is unlimited. You can build a serious, long term and very rewarding career. All you need is right training, a little hard work and persistence. If you have a will, JustLIC will show you a way.

Build your network

Becoming a financial advisory comes with many additional advantages. One of the key things is that you will build your own network of people, which will remain with you life long. Network built on trust and integrity is a wealth, and you are certain to benefit from it.